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As a painter and a musician, I am looking for an interdisciplinary approach to Music and Art. 

In the series OM, I am manipulating abstract possibilities for the viewer to feel the link between Art and Music.

The urge to work colour, as one might sound, leads me to experiment with grouping chords and expressing resonance.

My approach is based on personally felt impulses and is quite process-oriented, like a free improvisation on the keyboard of colours.

Many works of the series reflect personal moments, events who touched me this year, my visits to the central deserts and Aboriginal territories, the tragedy of wars and refugees around the world.

The recurrent form of the circle is inspired by the performance of the ColourWheel.

OM for hope, a sacred sound, uniting the universe.

I wish for people to experience what a deaf person said to me one day:

"When I look at your paintings, I can hear the music".

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